Meet the Yurple Bliss Crew 

Who are these people?

Yurple Bliss is an odd name, no doubt about it. Perhaps it fits nicely with the odd partnership that formed the company...

The Yurple Bliss Story

Yurple Bliss Productions was born out of a desire to take live audience audio recordings to the next level. Melissa (a.k.a. China) and Kevin were both going to a lot of concerts but in particular they kept running into each other at shows of the Ohio based jamband, Ekoostik Hookah.

China's natural creativity and interest in photography led her to coursework in media and productions. She saved up and bought her first digital video camera and started shooting as soon as she pulled it out of the box. Kevin, in preparation for ekoostik hookah's 2002 trip to Jamaica, researched and bought audio taping gear to ensure that the shows didn't go unrecorded.

It was at these shows that the two of us first started talking about mixing digital audio with the digital video tapes that were being produced. A couple of years and a hundred shows later China and Kevin made the jump in logic that the video would be more pleasing if they could get multiple angles.

So in preparation for the 2004 ekoostik hookah trip to Amsterdam, Kevin saved up and bought his first digital video camera and they shot the Columbus, OH Newport show on March 6, 2004 as a test for the Amsterdam shows later that month.

With that show, Yurple Bliss was born. Each consequent shoot has strengthened Kevin and China's abilities and the productions have continued to improve every day. With these improvements, Yurple Bliss has begun to move into other projects to expand the services they offer.

Yurple Bliss has a terrific group of contract based videographers, production assistants, and graphic designers to pull upon when needed for any size production. We use several of the same people for various productions and branch out to specialists when the need arises. If you would like to discuss a production opportunity, please contact us!