Equipment we use 

Our Gear


We are outfitted to shoot in high definition and standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9 compositions in digital quality to the miniDV and AVCHD format. Our main cameras are the Canon XH A1 the Canon Vixia HF11, and the Canon HV20. We also have access to other equipment through our extended staff and agents.


We currently exclusively use Audio Technica mics. We have an array of high-end mics at our disposal but the ones most frequently used include their 822 Stereo Condenser and their 897 Shotgun mic.


Lighting needs vary and therefore the lighting setups we use will vary as well. We currently have access to a full 3 to 5 point lighting setup using professional quality lights from Lowel. We also custom build lighting setups to meet special needs.

Other Gear

There are audio mixers, cables, tapes, and various other pieces of equipment that go into any production. We currently use Panasonic professional quality mini DV tapes for the most part and Behringer and Mackie mixing hardware. Other equipment is rented or bought as needed.

If you would like to discuss a production opportunity, please contact us!