Our Services  

Here's some of what we do

We have a variety of setups to suit your needs. Events can be shot with as few as one, to as many as five cameras (or more if needed). We are outfitted to film in standard definition, regular or widescreen mode, or in high definition. Lights, sound, and talent… we’re ready with whatever you need.

What can we produce for you?

The range of services we provide is ever expanding. We have shot several weddings, many bands, sporting events, satirical pieces for individuals, live comedy, interviews... the list goes on.

You can rest assured that we have experience in a wide enough range of production that whatever your need it, we can handle it. If the day comes when we get a request we can't handle, we aren't afraid to admit it.

So for now select specifics from the lists to the left or the quick sheet below:

If you don't see something covered that you'd like filmed, contact us for a customized quote or for hourly rates.